My desire is to guide and encourage you as we face an uncertain future due to the changing world we live in. When life changes, due to unforeseen events, one can feel UNROOTED, unstable and insecure. My life experiences of growing up overseas in a missionary family, and being uprooted many times, helps me understand the challenges of beginning a new life in a new town. Uncertain times in our world today can make one feel "UnRooted." Finding a place to feel secure and stable can be a challenge. My writing’s will guide you on a spiritual quest to establish a firm foundation in Christ. He is the only ROCK that will not crumble during the storms of life.

I am a member of Author Academy Elite, a publishing company. I’m very honored that my first book was a top 10 Finalist for a Children’s Award in the 2018 Global Author Academy Awards.

 Big Changes for Little Bugs is inspired by actual events that took place the summer of 2017. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, left devastation in many areas, and the displacement of families inspired me to write an encouraging story of hope and healing for all children.

 Four small bugs learn to be courageous and resilient after a storm uproots them in Big Changes for Little Bugs. 

I live in Georgia with my husband, Tom, and my four grandchildren who entertain and inspire me. I love discovering God's teachable moments and desire to help you "sink your roots in Him, and build your life on Jesus Christ." Colossians 2:7 God's Word Translation 

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